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Has a Roof Leak Caused Water Damage to Your Attic Insulation? 

Hurricane Damage to Your Insulation?

Attic Insulation Wet?

Worried About Mold in Your Attic? 

    Wet insulation and water damaged insulation is dangerous and no longer effective. Wet attic insulation needs to be removed and replaced with new insulation immediately. At Florida Attic Professionals, we specialize in cleaning out wet attics, removing wet insulation, drying out attics, attic sanitizing, and attic decontaminations. 

     If water has leaked into your attic, the insualtion needs to be removed and the water needs to be dried out as soon as possible to avoid mold growing in your attic. Water leaks from A/C handlers, hurricanes, storms, and roof leaks can cause mold-contamination in your attic insulation and ruin your insulation's effectiveness. 

     If you have damaged air ducts and your insulation is moldy, you could be potentially exposing your household to contamintation from dangerous airborne mold spores. Exposure to toxic black mold has been proven to cause a variety of health issues; including itching, rashes, aggravated asthma, chronic fatigue, coughing, sneezing, irritation to the eyes and/or an increase in allergies. More importantly, it is a serious risk to those with lowered immunity, such as small children and the elderly. 

    Most homeowner's insurance policies will pay for your wet attic to be cleaned, especially if your attic is wet because of a roof leak, hurricane, or tropical storm. They will pay for all of the old insualtion to be removed, a thorough cleaning of the attic to ensure it's back to a pristine condition, disinfectant, and new insulation installed (and we will work with your insurance company to get your claim approved.)  

     If you would like more information about our water damage attic services or attic insulation services for wet attics, we will be glad to discuss your wet attic problem. We can even give you a quick quote over the phone. When calling for a detailed estimate be prepared to answer a few questions, as they help us in determining your attic project's square footage so that we can give you an accurate quote. Once we have gathered some info from you, we will pull up a sketch of your property from your county property appraiser's website and this will help us to to determine your attic's square footage. Feel free to call us at 863-777-0210 or 954-670-3334 or use the contact form below and we will be happy to discuss your attic restoration or attic water damaged insulation project.

Right now there are great tax breaks for upgrading to new insulation!

If you've been considering an attic restoration due to wet insulation, right now may be the best time.

You may qualify for up to $1,200 in home energy tax credits!

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