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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an attic restoration?

When insulation is over 25 years old or it has been contaminated by animals, rodents, fire, mold, or water an attic restoration becomes necessary. Our attic restoration process involves removing all of the old or contaminated insulation from your attic. Once the insulation is out of the attic, we will perform a secondary cleaning to remove any feces, urine, nesting materials, and misc. debris. We can vacuum loose insulation, batt or rolled insulation, wet insulation, as well as remove debris that has accumulated over the years.

Once the attic is clean, we then disinfect the attic with a hospital grade disinfectant, which kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, fungus, surface mold, and odor, which is especially important when dealing with feces, urine, and droppings left behind by the animals or rodents or wet insulation due to roof leaks. Lastly, we install the new insulation at an R30 factor (12 inches of depth, which is the recommended R value for Florida homes.) The insulation we use is a white blown in fiberglass, that is manufactured in the USA and has highest rankings for energy efficiency, as well as air quality. We only use high quality insulation that has the Green Guard Gold Certification. Please click here to learn more about why the Green Guard GOLD Certification is so important when choosing insulation for your home.  

What type of insulation do I need?

We recommend blown in white fiberglass due to its high energy efficiency and ability to cover and blanket the attic thoroughly. Blown in insulation ranks highest for energy efficiency because it can fill in cracks and crevices blocking any leaking air. This retains the cool air in the home, and traps the hot air in the attic. 


We also recommend white fiberglass because today's fiberglass insulation has improved significantly when compared to the pink fiberglass insulation of the past. The greatest improvement to this new style of blown in white fiberglass attic insulation is that it does not itch! It's also fire rated, low VOC, and has one of the lowest dust factors of all attic insulations. It looks and feels just like cotton.

Cellulose attic insulation is also another option. Cellulose, like fiberglass, offers great energy efficiency, however, cellulose can be a much dustier product when compared to fiberglass and also retains moisture, which makes it a poor choice for Florida homes. Cellulose is not recommended for those with allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities. 

How much are your attic services?

Every home owner faces a unique situation, so prices vary accordingly. This is why we offer fast and free phone quotes. With a detailed overview of your attic's issue, we can pull your address up on the county property appraiser's website and gather all of the information we need to give you an accurate and detailed free attic estimate. In addition to the property appraiser's website, we also use other resources such as google maps, aerial views, and our unique and specialized knowledge of Florida's attics to make the various assessments we need to give you a fair and accurate quote. 

Please be prepared to spend a few minutes on the phone. Pictures are always helpful, but not necessary. Visual inspections are also not necessary. To give you an idea of what is included in each of our services, please read below:


Attic Restoration Services:

Price includes insulation removal, thorough cleaning, disinfectant, and installation of new insulation. Insulation is low voc, Green Guard Certified, R30, blown in white fiberglass that is made in America. Prices quoted for attic restoration are priced by the square foot and vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation. The type of insulation being removed, as well as your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing.


Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a fast and free phone quote. All of our prices are per square foot and include all labor, material, and tax on material, everything necessary for the completion of the job, as well as disposal of old insulation and all landfill fees. No surprises. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic restoration and attic ladder or flooring installation.

Attic Insulation Removal Services:

Price includes insulation removal, thorough cleaning, and disinfectant. Price per square foot varies depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation. Your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote for our insulation removal services. All of our prices are per square foot and include all labor, material, and tax on material, everything necessary for the completion of the job, as well as disposal of old insulation and all landfill fees. No surprises. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic insulation removal and attic ladder and/or attic flooring installation.


Attic Insulation Installation Services:

Prices quoted for insulation installation services include blowing in R30 (12 inches) or R38 (16 inches) of blown in white fiberglass, We have very high standards for the materials we use, not only for the health and safety of our clients, but for our installers as well, therefor we only use low voc attic insulation that is Green Guard Gold Certified and made in the USA. After 15 years in the insulation industry we can confirm that all other types of insulation are inferior for one reason or another. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for and insulation is no exception. Cheap insulation is usually made in China, without regulation for air quality or energy efficiency. Other types may be filled with chemicals. Considering that attic insulation is blanketing your entire living space, we feel it is imperative that our clients receive the highest quality insulation so that the air quality in the home is not compromised. 

Prices for insulation installation are per square foot and include all labor, material, and tax on material, everything necessary for the completion of the job, no surprises. Price per square foot varies depending on several factors such as pitch of the roof and square footage of attic. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic insulation and attic ladders and/or attic flooring.

Attic Ladder Installation Services: 

Price includes attic ladder, installation, customizations, trim, and paint. We will also remove and dispose of your old ladder. Price includes all labor, material, tax on material, and anything necessary for the completion of the job. Please visit our attic ladder installation page for more details or call 863 777 0210 for a fast and free phone quote.

Attic Flooring Installation Services:

All of our prices are quoted by the square foot and include all labor, material, and tax on material, everything necessary for the completion of the job, no surprises. Discounted rates for 200 square feet or more. Our attic flooring is heavy duty plywood that is reinforced making it strong and sturdy enough to walk on and store heavy items. When it comes to the cost of attic flooring, consider the cost of renting a 10x10 storage unit averages $160 a month in Florida. Our prices guarantee that your attic flooring will pay for itself in under 8 months by saving on storage unit rental fees. Not only does attic flooring provide valuable storage space and eliminate costly storage unit bills, it's also considered an asset when you're ready to sell your home. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote. 

Attic Cleaning Services: 

There are two options for attic cleaning: cleaning the attic and installing new insulation, or cleaning the attic without installing new insulation. Attic cleaning involves insulation removal, thorough cleaning, and disinfecting the attic with hospital grade disinfectant. Please note - we cannot clean an attic without insulation being removed. We can, however, clean an attic that does not currently have insulation or we can clean an attic with insulation but the process will involve removing everything from the attic, including the current insulation. We can clean most attic messes, from rodent infestations, feces, dead bugs, water damage, construction debris, old wires, and other misc items left behind in attics. Our attic cleaning does not include junk removal, such as boxes, furniture, or heavy items. If you have these types of things, please let us know so we can quote you separately for junk removal.

Price per square foot for attic cleaning varies depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation, your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing. Price per square foot includes all labor, material, and tax on material necessary for the completion of the job. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote.

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic cleaning and attic ladder installation.

How do I figure out the square footage of my attic?

We can do this for you during your free phone quote. If you prefer to research it yourself, visit your county's property appraiser's website and perform a search of your address. Within the listing you should be able to find a sketch of your home's layout. Usually somewhere near the sketch is a list with the square footage for each of the areas of the home. Once you have located the sketch and/or the list you can determine the square footage of your attic. Keep in mind to include or exclude the garage depending if you have attic space above your garage. You can also exclude any flat roof areas, porches, patios, etc...  


Feel free to give us a call at 863-777-0210 or 954-670-3334, anywhere in Florida and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. 

Do you remove attic insulation?

Yes, we remove all types of attic insulation. We even remove loose fill, cellulose, batts / rolled, and blown in attic insulation. We can also remove wet insulation, contaminated insulation, and dirty or old insulation. 

How do you remove attic insulation? 

Our crews are equipped with industrial strength insulation vacuums. The vacuums are able to remove everything from the attic, including wet, dirty, or contaminated insulation. The vacuum hoses and highly trained technicians are also able to reach into tight spaces and deep corners of attics. These hoses run from our trailers directly into the attic, which keeps your home clean and protected from the old, dirty insulation.

Do you install attic insulation?

Yes. We install blown in fiberglass insulation at a variety of R factors, typically R30, which is 12 inches of depth and the recommended R factor for Florida homes. We do not install spray foam, cellulose, or batt /rolled insulation. However, we can remove these types of insulation. 

My attic insulation has been contaminated by
mold / water / rats / raccoons / squirrels, etc... 
Do I really need to remove my attic insulation?

Yes, there are major health concerns to consider if you've had any of the above issues.


Wet insulation can cause mold and fungus to grow, especially considering the warm, damp environment of a Florida attic. If left untreated, the mold and fungus will eventually infiltrate the drywall and/or beams and trusses causing bigger, much more costly repairs. It's imperative to remove wet insulation asap. In addition to mold and fungus, wet insulation looses energy efficiency.  

When it comes to rats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, or any wildlife in your attic; these animal's feces and urine carry bacteria, viruses, and parasites. If the raccoons or rats have chewed through your A/C ducts, then you could potentially breathe in dust particles containing those viruses, bacteria and/or toxins. This is very serious health concern for small children, elderly, or anyone with lowered immunity. Please visit our attic cleaning page for more information regarding health hazards of dirty attics.

Is my attic making me sick? Is my home's air quality affected by my attic insulation?

If you or a loved one have been chronically ill or have had a sudden onset or increase in allergies, aggravated asthma symptoms, or lowered immune response AND your attic's insulation and/or A/C duct system is very old (over 30 years), OR you've had rats, raccoons, bats, mold, moisture or other contamination in your attic... your attic could be making you sick.


Clues that point to serious attic problems:

  • Former rat or wildlife problem

  • An unusual smell in the home or coming from the attic

  • Unexplained health issues (especially symptoms that seem to get better when away from home)

  • Unusual amounts of dust in the home. If you're constantly dusting, this is a sign your A/C ducts have been compromised and your insulation has expired (when insulation is very old it can become crumbly and dusty and become airborne.)

  • Moisture or condensation in the home and/or attic.

  • Heating/Cooling costs very high or house won't cool down in summer or stay warm in winter

  • Insulation that has been treated with pest control products. Some people are very sensitive to this type of insulation due to the chemicals and/or powder becoming air borne.


What type of rebates or tax credits are available for upgrading my attic insulation?

TAX CREDITS: The IRS just released some great news for home owners! Starting in 2023 there are some generous tax credits for upgrading to new insulation. If you've been considering an attic restoration, attic abatement, attic remediation, or adding to your existing attic insulation, right now may be the best time. You may qualify for up to $1200 in home energy tax credits!


As per the IRS: The energy efficient home improvement credit is increased for years after 2022, with an annual credit of generally up to $1,200. Beginning January 1, 2023, the amount of the credit is equal to 30% of the sum of amounts paid by the taxpayer for certain qualified expenditures to upgrade energy efficiency, including attic insulation upgrades. Please click here for more information about tax credits for upgrading your insulation. 

ENERGY REBATES: As for energy rebates, your electric company will usually offer a credit of approximately $90 to $150 on your light bill for upgrading your insulation, however, every electric company has different rules for qualifying for these insulation energy rebates. Therefore we suggest you contact your electric company to get the specifics. We will be happy to provide you with an insulation certificate that can be provided to your energy company to show them the upgrade you've made to your insulation, and for many of the electric companies in Florida, this is sufficient to qualify for the rebate. Click on your electric company to learn more:

Where are you located?

We're based directly in the middle of the state in beautiful Sebring, Fl in Highlands County. Which is centrally located to all major metro areas in Florida. Living in Sebring is what allows us to offer our attic services to such a large area. We have a Central Florida crew and a South Florida crew. Considering attic restoration is a very niche service, we find that offering our services to a broad area helps our clients find access to the services they need, as there are not many companies in Florida offering attic services such as ours, due to the intense heat and complexity of the job. 

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • West Palm Beach
  • Polk County
  • Sebring
  • Sarasota
  • Cape Coral
  • Lake Mary
  • Sanford
  • Fort Myers
  • Port Charlotte
  • Daytona Beach
  • Melbourne
  • And everywhere within the circle on the map
  • Click here to see if we service your area
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Florida Attic Professionals, Inc.


  • We're a small, family owned and operated company.

  • You will be provided with top-notch customer service by the same people from start to finish.

  • We've helped thousands of Florida home owners clean and restore their attics for over 15 years.

  • We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service at the lowest prices and quickest turn around.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable technicians that take pride in their work.

  • We never subcontract.

  • Licensed and insured

  • Fast and free phone quotes


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(863) 777-0210

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