Frequently Asked Questions

What is an attic restoration?

When insulation becomes over 25 years old or if it has been contaminated by animals, rodents, fire, mold, or water an attic restoration becomes necessary. Our attic restoration process involves removing all of the old or contaminated insulation from your attic. Once the insulation is out of the attic, we will perform a fine detailed cleaning to remove any feces, urine, and nesting materials left behind by any animals or rats. We will also vaccuum up loose insulation as well as any dust and debris left behind. 


We then disinfect the attic with a hospital grade disinfectant, which kills 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and odor left behind by the animals or rodents. Lastly, we install the insulation of your choice at an R factor of your choice, which is typically blown in fiberglass or cellulose at an R30 factor (the most common choice for Florida homes.)

What type of insulation do I need?

We recommend fiberglass due to its high energy efficiency and ability to cover and blanket the attic thoroughly. We also recommend fiberglass because today's fiberglass insulation has improved significantly when compared to the fiberglass insulation of the past. This new style of blown in fiberglass attic insulation does not itch and looks and feels like cotton. The brand of fiberglass attic insulation we use is CertainTeed, which is a low VOC product and has one of the lowest dust factors of all attic insulations and is made in the USA. 


Cellulose attic insulation is also another option. Cellulose, like fiberglass, offers great energy efficiency, and it is also a green product, made of 85% recycled products. However, cellulose can be a much dustier product when compared to fiberglass and is not recommended for those with allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities.

How much are your attic services?

Every home owner faces a unique situation, so prices vary accordingly. This is why we offer free phone quotes. With a detailed overview of your attic's issue, we can give you an accurate and detailed free attic estimate. In addition to our phone quote, we use your county's property appraiser's website, google maps, and other resources to make the various assessments we need to give you a fair and accurate phone quote. 

Please be prepared to spend a few minutes on the phone. Pictures are always helpful, but not necessary. Visual inspections are also not necessary, but are available for $175, and that fee is reimbursed to you if you go with our services, making our in-home estimates completely free.  


To give you an idea of some of our prices:


Attic Restoration Services -

Averages $2.65 to $3.25 Per Square Foot. 

Price includes insulation removal, thorough cleaning, disinfectant, and installation of new insulation of your choice. Prices include all labor and material. Price per square foot varies depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation. The type of insulation being installed, as well as your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a fast and free phone quote.

Price per square foot includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic restoration and attic ladder or flooring installation.

Attic Insulation Removal Services 

Averages $1.60 to $1.85 Per Square Foot. 

Price includes insulation removal, thorough cleaning, and disinfectant. Price per square foot varies depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation. Your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote.

Price per square foot includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic insulation removal and attic ladder installation.


Attic Insulation Installation Services 

Averages $1.40 Per Square Foot. 

Prices quoted for insulation installation services includes installation of insulation of your choice, at an R factor of your choice, 

and also includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. Price per square foot varies depending on several factors such as type and depth of insulation, as well as pitch and square footage of attic. Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote.

Price per square foot includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic insulation and attic flooring.


Attic Ladder Installation Services - 

Averages $1,175 to $1,475. 

Price includes attic ladder, installation, customizations, trim, and paint. Price includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. Price for attic ladder installation services vary depending on several factors.

Call 863-777-0210 to get a fast and free phone quote.

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic ladder and attic flooring.


Attic Flooring Installation Services 

$12 Per Square Foot with a minimum of 100 square feet (10x10).

Most home owners find that 100 square feet is sufficient for storage space. When comparing the cost of attic flooring, consider the cost of renting a 10x10 storage unit averages $100 a month in Florida. Attic flooring will pay for itself by saving on storage unit rental fees, as well as the added value to your home.

Price includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. 

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic ladder and attic flooring.

Attic Cleaning Services - 

Averages $2.65  to $3.25 Per Square Foot. 

Price includes insulation removal, thorough cleaning, disinfectant, and installation of new insulation.

If you do not want us to install new insulation the price for attic cleaning services can range from $1.40 to $1.60 per square foot.

Price per square foot varies depending on several factors including but not limited to: the type, amount, depth, age, and condition of your current attic insulation. The type of insulation being installed, as well as your attic's pitch and size may also affect pricing. Price per square foot includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. 

Please call 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida, to get a quick phone quote.

*Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic cleaning and attic ladder installation.

How do I figure out the square footage of my attic?

We can do this for you during your free phone quote. If you prefer to research it yourself, visit your county's property appraiser's website and perform a search of your address. Within the listing you should be able to find a sketch of your home's layout. Usually somewhere near the sketch is a list with the square footage for each of the areas of the home. Once you have located the sketch and/or the list you can determine the square footage of your attic. Keep in mind to include or exclude the garage depending if you have attic space above your garage. You can also exclude any flat roof areas, porches, patios, etc...  

We can also help you determine your attic's square footage. Feel free to give us a call at 863-777-0210 or 954-670-3334, anywhere in Florida and one of our friendly staff members will assist you. 

Do you remove attic insulation?

Yes, we remove all types of attic insulation. We even remove loose fill, cellulose, batts, and blown in attic insulation. We can also remove wet insulation, contaminated insulation, and dirty or old insulation.



How do you remove attic insulation? 

Our crews are equipped with industrial strength insulation vacuums. The vacuums are able to remove everything from 

the attic, including wet, dirty, or contaminated insulation. The vacuums are also able to reach into tight spaces and deep corners of attics.

Do you install attic insulation?

Yes. We install a variety of blown in insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose at a variety of R factors. We do not currently offer spray foam or batt insulation.


My attic insulation has been damaged by mold / water / rats / raccoons, etc... 

Do I need to remove my contaminated attic insulation?

Yes, there are major health concerns to consider if you've had any of the above issues. When it comes to rats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, or any wildlife in your attic; these animal's feces and urine carry bacteria, viruses, and parasites. If the raccoons or rats have chewed through your A/C ducts, then you could potentially breathe in dust particles containing those viruses, bacteria and/or toxins. This is very serious health concern for small children, elderly, or anyone with lowered immunity. 

Is my attic making me sick? Is my home's air quality affected by my attic insulation?

If you or a loved one have been chronically ill or have had a sudden onset or increase in allergies, aggravated asthma symptoms, or lowered immune response AND your attic's insulation and/or A/C duct system is very old (over 30 years), OR you've had rats, raccoons, bats, mold, moisture or other contamination in your attic... your attic could be making you sick.


Clues that point to serious attic problems:

  • Former rat or wildlife problem

  • An unusual smell in the home or coming from the attic

  • Unexplained health issues (especially symptoms that seem to get better when away from home)

  • Unusual amounts of dust in the home. If you're constantly dusting, this is a sign your A/C ducts have been compromised and your insulation has expired (when insulation is very old it can become crumbly and dusty and become airborne.)

  • Moisture or condensation in the home and/or attic.

  • Heating/Cooling costs very high or house won't cool down in summer or stay warm in winter

Right now there are great tax breaks for upgrading to new insulation. 

If you've been considering an attic restoration, right now may be the best time.

You may qualify for up to $1,500 in home energy tax credits!

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