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Everything You Need to Know About Attic Storage in Florida

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Can you store things in your Florida attic?

Absolutely! Attics can provide ample storage space in Florida homes, but it's important to take several factors into consideration before using them for storage. On this page we'll explore everything you need to know about using your attic space for storage, such as the advantages and disadvantages of attic storage, and provide homeowners with tips for safely and effectively storing items in their attics.

How do I turn my attic into a storage area?

Step 1 - Inspect Your Attic: Before storing items in your attic, it's important to inspect the space. You want to first ensure that you have room in your attic. Very low pitch attics are not ideal. Garage attics are the best option but any attic space can be used. 

Step 2 - Look for any signs of damage or potential hazards: Check for leaks, cracks, or any signs of pests, and make any necessary repairs before storing items. If you've had pest issues in the past, we can help clean the area, disinfect, seal off entry points, and lay new insulation prior to your attic flooring installation. Please visit our attic restoration page to learn more.

Step 3 - Check to see if your attic space is insulated: All attics in Florida should have insulation, but even more so if you're using your attic for storage. Even garage attics should have insulation. You want at least 12 inches of depth for proper insulation of an attic storage. If you don't have insulation, we can install it on the day of your attic flooring installation. We will lay the flooring over your insulation, providing a nice insulated attic space for your belongings.

Step 4 - Install Attic Flooring: Contact us at 863-777-0210 anywhere in Florida to schedule attic flooring installation. We also have add on services, such attic storage shelves, attic insulation, attic disinfecting, and attic ladders.

Step 5 - Install an Attic Ladder: If you don't already have an attic ladder, consider getting one installed. We offer attic ladder and attic flooring services, and have discounts for bundling both services. We have standard aluminum attic ladders, and we even offer specialty attic ladders for tall ceiling heights up to 12 feet!

Step 6 - (Optional) Organize Your Attic Storage: Purchase air tight, color coded bins to store seasonal items, holiday items, and other personal belongings. Use light weight shelves and drawers to take advantage of vertical space, make sure you consider size and weight to ensure ease of getting items in and out of the attic. Create labels for bins and boxes. 

What are some advantages to using the attic for storage?

Using the attic for storage can be a smart and convenient option for homeowners looking to free up space in other areas of the home. Here are some of the advantages to using the attic for storage:

  • Increased Storage Space: The attic is a great place to store items that are not frequently used, such as seasonal decorations, clothing, or sports equipment. By using the attic for storage, you can free up valuable space in other areas of the home, such as closets or the garage.

  • Reduced Clutter: Clutter can make a home feel crowded and disorganized. By moving items to the attic, you can create a cleaner living environment and reduce clutter in other areas of the home.

  • Protection from the Elements: Attics are typically dry and secure, which can provide a safe storage space for valuable items. By storing items in the attic, you can protect them from moisture, pests, and other potential hazards.

  • Easy Access: While attic access can sometimes be limited or difficult, having items stored in the attic can provide easy access when needed. This can be especially helpful for seasonal items, such as holiday decorations and seasonal items.

  • Cost Effective: Compared to other storage solutions, such as renting a storage unit, using the attic for storage is a cost-effective option. It allows homeowners to take advantage of existing space in their home, without having to pay additional fees.


In conclusion, attics can be a great storage solution for Florida homeowners, but it's important to take precautions to protect stored items from Florida's humid and pest-prone climate. Proper insulation and ventilation, airtight containers, avoiding storage of sensitive items, and distributing weight evenly are all essential to effective attic storage. By following these tips, you can make the most of your attic storage space and keep your belongings safe and secure.

What are some tips for effective attic storage?

  • Proper Insulation: Insulating your attic can help regulate temperature and humidity levels, which will protect stored items from damage. 

  • Airtight Containers: Storing items in airtight containers will protect them from moisture, pests, and other potential hazards. Label containers clearly to make it easier to find items when needed.

  • Avoid Storing Sensitive Items: Avoid storing items that are sensitive to heat and humidity, such as electronics, photographs, or important documents. These items can easily become damaged and should be stored in a cooler, drier area of the home.

  • Distribute Weight Evenly: Be mindful to distribute weight evenly. Our attic flooring is thick, heavy duty plywood that is raised and reinforced making it strong and sturdy enough to walk on and store heavy items, but even distribution of items is important. Consider installing shelving or using plastic drawers to store items vertically and help distribute weight more evenly.

Should I have attic insulation under the flooring?

Yes. We highly recommend that your attic storage space is insulated. If you do not currently have insulation, we can install it prior to your flooring install. We will blow in loose fill insulation, and lay your floor boards on top of it, compressing your insulation while still maintaining the R factor necessary to insulate the attic storage area properly.



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